Lights... Camera... Action

When I look back, I had my first real need for coaching when I was 15. I was presented with the ideal opportunity to do my absolute best. And inexplicably for me at the time, I just couldn't. Of course back then, coaching as we know it now had not even started developing yet.

In our lives we strive to be our 'best'. But not only do we continuously face our own barriers limiting us, we are constantly motivated by others to be who they want us to be. For our own good of course. Over time that 'best' disappears into a dark black jungle, which we circle, and prowl around.

Picture a tiger in the night, knowing its prey is there, but unable to activate it's senses to pinpoint and go in for the kill.

Coaching offers the opportunity to shine the strongest and brightest searchlight into that dark space. To blind it with light, to take stock, and focus on the hidden treasures we all have. To own them and to use them. To make them work for us.

Archetypes can be described as the core energies that influence our personality, our needs, talents and values. Shining that coaching spotlight on our own individual set of archetypes helps us focus on the essence of what we are, to bring balance to it, and to activate it's real power.

Like having your own council of experts supporting you, and energising you with the power to really be your own absolute best.